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We undertake ecology surveys (especially bird surveys, bat surveys & habitat surveys) biodiversity assessments, and assess ecosystem services and planning impacts across the UK

Led by Chartered Biologist Dr Tim Reed (FCIEEM), Tim Reed Ecological Consultants operates across the UK and globally, and undertakes ecology surveys, bird surveys, bat surveys biodiversity assessments, and critically evaluates planning proposals, ecosystem service risks and opportunities 


We can put together bespoke teams of specialists to work in the field or the boardroom, in the UK, Tropics or at the Poles.


Primarily focused on the UK and on planning applications, we work on sites as various as individual small site developments through to major operational areas. We present results and advice for practical client benefit based on an in-depth understanding of survey methodologies and biodiversity and ecosystem services assessments, both in situ and from an individual client or company strategic perspective.


In the last few years we have worked across the UK on individual properties, development proposals, windfarms,  as well as further afield  in Ecuadorian rainforest, Congolese forests and savannah, Pakistani deserts and offshore Norway.


In the UK this has included small housing applications, a review of survey adequacy on an estate for a major UK charity,  EIA assessments for road impacts and motorway service areas, and a major review of bird disturbance in the UK, as well as Expert Witness work at Public Inquiries. We have also trained staff in a major NGO on how to find pitfalls in EIAs.


We have developed impact and monitoring studies onshore and offshore in the UK and around the world.


Our knowledge and analytical skills are sought for Public Inquiries as Expert Witness and presentations.


Our science is our strength 


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Biodiversity and ecosystem strategy

Impact evaluation in the Ecuadorian Amazon ... evaluating and monitoring the potential impacts of companies operating in the rainforestRead more